Are You Looking For An Experienced Richmond Commercial Landscaping Company?

Integrity Landscaping Solutions is your premier commercial landscaping company that provides superior quality landscaping and maintenance services to commercial clients throughout the greater Richmond area. With an eye for landscape design, our professional team can design, install, and maintain custom designed outdoor spaces for your commercial property or business.

We understand the demands of commercial property owners, and how much you need to not have to worry about how great your properties look. That's why we supervise every job and have a ready team that will work hard to minimize interruptions to your business, your employees, and your customers.

Lawn Care Services

Richmond Landscaping Company - Lawn Care ServiceWhen you trust Integrity Landscaping Solutions to provide you with professional lawn care services for your property's exterior, you'll be astounded at the difference we can make to your building's aesthetics. Our experienced lawn care services team works diligently, with precision and care. Let us work with your lawn care and we'll be sure your landscape always looks fabulous the way it should!

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Tree and Shrub Care

Richmond Tree & Shrub CareWith every lawn to be cleaned up, there's also tree and shrub care. We'll never neglect the other portions of your landscape when it comes to caring for your properties. Our team of experts have the knowledge, experience, and understanding on how to properly care for all your shrubbery and trees on your property.

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Mulching & Seasonal Clean Up

Richmond Seasonal CleanupFor everything there is a time and a season, and that couldn't be truer for landscaping maintenance as well as installations. There's a right and wrong time of year to plant things, so if you're planning on getting certain vegetation installed for your landscape, it needs to be done during the right time of year for that particular plant, shrub, or tree. Mulching and seasonal cleanup also needs to be done at particular times. Your professional landscaper at Integrity Landscaping Solutions can go over a plan with you to keep your property cleaned up and the landscape attended to all year long.

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Landscape Design

Richmond Landscape DesignWhen you are running a business, you need to find a professional to take care of your property's exterior. Our commercial landscaping design and build specialists can create an exceptional design for your commercial building that is highly attractive, lush, beautiful, and functional. We'll also provide you with a team of experts ready to manage your property's landscape, keeping the beauty and elegance of the landscape alive.

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Landscape Maintenance

Richmond Landscape MaintenanceAfter each site visit, you'll get a service report. We stay flexible for your schedule and can tailor your maintenance plans to your schedule. You can let us know how and when you'd like to communicate with us and when you'll want regular services because we know how busy you are. We understand how much responsibility you have to deal with every day and want to take the worry out of managing landscaping at your properties. Let Integrity be your eyes on your properties and you'll never spend time worrying over how great your property is looking!

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Hardscaping: Retaining Walls

Richmond Hardscaping - Retaining WallsRetaining walls help to give you a grounded and stable feeling in an area where nature reigns. And with hardscapes, there are many things you can create for the exterior of your home to make it a livable space with easy access to areas that otherwise would be covered by vegetation or bare soil. Retaining walls are one type of hardscape that helps to not only keep soil from washing away but also add an element to the design of your landscape. With the right hardscape to compliment your landscape plantings, your property will rise to a higher level in value, appeal, and functionality.

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Patios & Walkways

Richmond WalkwaysAdding gorgeous natural stone patio and walkways to your landscape is a beautiful way to add elegance and appeal to your luxury home or commercial property. There's something about stone walkways and patios that speak to the depths of our natural being. For much more livable space outdoors, opt for a wonderful patio area where you and the family or friends can spend time outside enjoying the evenings.

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Irrigation Systems

Richmond Irrigation SystemsWith the proper irrigation system installed by our expert landscapers at Integrity Landscaping Solutions, you're sure to have the right setup for watering your vegetation. Whether you have acres you need to cover or just the exterior areas near the home, we'll have the right irrigation solution for your specific needs.

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Snow Removal

Richmond Snow RemovalSnow removal is important during the winter seasons in order to make sure your property is safe for occupants, visitors, or customers. Call on our snow removal team at any time. We can also set up regular snow removal service for your property which will ensure you're sidewalks, driveways, stairs, and exterior areas stay safe.

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Integrity is your solution to commercial property landscape installation and maintenance. By partnering with us, you get a customized program to improve your property and up-to-date reports on the work we are performing. Integrity is proactive with recommendations to further enhance your property, but also sensitive to your budget cycles.

We'll always be interested to hear your questions, concerns, ideas and general landscaping inquiries. Whether you need a large commercial landscaping project completed or a custom landscape design, please don't hesitate to call or send us your questions!

If you are looking for a Professional Commercial Landscaping Company in Richmond, please call 804-798-0048 or complete our online request form.