Mulching & Seasonal Clean Up in Richmond

Richmond Commercial Landscaping Company - Mulching & Seasonal CleanupWhen the seasons change here in our area of the country, there's no doubt that a lot of leaves will be falling or growing depending on the time of year. While leaves make a great organic mulch, they just don't belong on commercial properties, and neither do fallen tree branches or dead shrubbery.

So after the fall season, the hot summer, or the cold winter, your commercial property will need to be cleaned up and put back into shape. And we're just the commercial landscaping company who can do it for you!

At Integrity Landscaping Solutions, you'll never have to call a different company in when you need specific or special needs for your commercial properties. We are a full service company ready and willing to take care of anything you need when it comes to giving you the best in landscaping services.

Mulching Services

Your flowerbeds, shrubbery, trees, and plantings need to be properly mulched and the mulch bed needs to be taken care of regularly. Proper installation of mulch is a necessity because you need as little weed growth as possible and how the mulch is laid in plays a major role in how effective it is. Otherwise you end up with a gardening space that's infested with weeds and other undesirable plants.

Mulch not only helps to keep undesirable plants out of your garden beds, but also helps the area retain water so the plants and trees stay healthier.

Over time, and depending on what your Richmond mulch is made of, the materials will break down unless they're not organic by nature. We'll help you keep your mulch in great shape so you don't have to spend the time and money unnecessarily dealing with weeds and other bedding issues!

Seasonal Information - Fall and Winter


Fall is a critical time to give extra care to your landscaping. As your landscaper we recommend scheduling the following services for cooler weather:

Lawn Care

  • Aerate turf to reduce compaction of soil
  • Over-seed to thicken turf
  • Apply fertilizer in September, October and December to strengthen root system
  • Apply broad-leaf weed control
  • Remove leaves from ornamental beds and lawn areas

Plants and Beds

  • Plant new shrubs and trees in fall.
  • Prune shrubs in fall.
  • Cut back perennial plants such as liriope, lilies, and ornamental grasses in the winter.
  • Edge planting beds prior to installing new mulch.
  • Prune ornamental trees during the winter while dormant.

Winter - Snow Removal

The winter season brings about a lot of changes for your home as well and there are times during the winter you'll need help with snow removal. We can help you clean up your walkways, patios, driveways, and more.

Seasonal Cleanup

Dead leaves, acorns, dead tree branches and more clutter up your beautiful commercial landscape quicker than anything else other than discarded trash. During winter, you may need snow plowing or other seasonal maintenance.

Whether it's snow you need removed or a good Fall season cleanup, our professional landscapers and lawn maintenance specialists would love to have the opportunity to service your commercial properties for seasonal cleanups. As your Richmond commercial landscaping company, we can not only remove your debris, but we'll also handle your tree trimming, brush cutting, bush trimming, and anything else needed to clean up and shape up your commercial properties.

Our full service landscaping specialists are standing by to help you in any way you need to care for your mulching and seasonal cleanups. For healthy landscapes that make your commercial properties go from standard to incredibly beautiful, choose all of our great services and you'll have the landscape that's most desired by all your competition!

If you are looking for professional Commercial Mulching and Seasonal Cleanup Services in Richmond, please call 804-798-0048 or complete our online request form.

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