Richmond Commercial Landscaping Company - Tree & Shrub CareYour large commercial landscape has needs that go beyond lawn mowing. The trees and shrubbery on your commercial lawn need specialists who have the proper knowledge and understand for your tree and shrub species that are a part of your beautiful landscape.

With many years in the landscaping industry working for large commercial clients, our company of professional landscapers are continually trained and gaining experience to handle your tree and shrub care in the Richmond area. Whether we were the landscaping design and build company that created your landscape or not, we can care for your trees and shrubs with expertise.

Tree Care

The trees on your commercial property can often be neglected and unhealthy if no one is ensuring you have the right irrigation system, soil chemistry, and insect and disease control methods in place. Trees need plenty of water, good soil, and proper trimming in order to grow tall and strong.

As a commercial property owner, you're going to also have specific requirements that may include how high the trees are allowed to grow, how wide, and how low. You may have signage or a decorate architectural element that needs to be taken into consideration.

Commercial tree care needs should be handled by a professional Richmond commercial landscaping company with the proper tools, equipment, and experience. At Integrity Landscaping Solutions, we have all we need to take good care of them for you. Whether you'd like more trees installed or are happy with existing trees, we're ready and able to see to their care.

Shrub Care

There's a lot more to your shrub care than just trimming them back every once in a while. Shrubs do a lot for your landscape and it's important they stay healthy and thriving.

Shrubs on commercial landscapes play specific roles in your landscape and hardscape design plan. There are any number of varieties that need different care and knowing the type of shrub is imperative if one is responsible for caring for them.

Shrubs can act as barriers to pedestrian traffic flow as well as add beauty and design to the landscape. And depending on the species may require different watering needs, so ensuring your irrigation system is designed appropriately for your shrubbery is important.

Our full service approach at Integrity Landscaping Solutions ensures all of your lawn is taken care of and well maintained, including your trees and shrubs. Without these elements in your landscape, you wind up with a dull and boring lawn that has little appeal. Trees and shrub installation help you to raise the scale and class of your commercial properties, making the exterior much more appealing and attractive for your customers or tenants.

If you are looking for professional Commercial Tree and Shrub Care Services in Richmond, please call 804-798-0048 or complete our online request form.