Tips To Figure Out What You Want In Hardscaping

Richmond Landscaping CompanyIf you can take a moment to use your imagination, you'll be halfway to creating a gorgeous landscape design for your home or business property. Imagination is a key element in all design tasks, but unfortunately some of us have to work at it to get the ball rolling on the creative side of our personalities.

One of the best tools you can use to get your creative juices rolling is a little bit of meditation, but not in the sense of the word that's most used. All you need is a quiet place with no distractions where you can quietly close your eyes for a few minutes just for time to think by yourself.

Of course, one of the best places you can do this is your current landscape or lawn. Just be sure when you're out there that your comfortable, not to hot and not too cold, and have nothing to distract you. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow!

One of the first things you'll want to think about is exactly how you want to use your outdoor spaces and what type of functional use you want for each area. Don't think about the layout of the lawn as much as you do about what all you want to do when you're outdoors.

What do you want to garden?

Do you like to garden or want to start that hobby? If so, do you like flower gardening, vegetable gardening, or a combination of both? In each type, how much gardening do you plan to do or how much time do you want to spend on it? If not a lot of time, you may want a cool patio garden where you have some built in planters for you to spend time on herb gardening or flower gardening.

So now you pretty much know how much gardening space you'll want and for which type of gardening you'll want to do.

Richmond Residential Landscaping Company - Hardscapes and Retaining WallsNext, think about what area of the outdoors you'll want to spend the most time relaxing in. Do you want to watch a beautiful sunset every evening? How does your home face, do you have shade in the back for you to be comfortable under or do you have a better side area where you can see the sunset and spend a little time in the evenings? This will be the main area you and your family uses to spend time after the day's activities. Did you choose the front, side, or back of your home's exterior?

Once you have a favorite area pinned down, you'll want to decide what all you'll be doing out there. And this is the fun part! Will you entertain guests with regular barbeques? Will you and your family have meals there? Or will you simply just need a couple of chairs so you can read a good book? The activities you want to perform in this main space will help determine what size the area needs to encompass.

This main area can be the basis on which you build up the rest of your landscape. But what's always the most important thing to remember is that your outdoor space needs you to think about what you plan to do in it. There are a lot of options involved as far as building materials go, but you're determining the design function more than anything else right now.

This is the ground for the aesthetic design, and just about everything else depends on the function you want for each area you plan to landscape or hardscape. Dream on and have fun thinking about all the great things you want your landscape to be and sooner or later you'll be doing those awesome things you're dreaming about! If you want help making those dreams come true, just talk your Richmond landscaping company.

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