Richmond Landscaping Company - Hardscaping & Retaining WallsRichmond's Residential areas often require retaining walls for their hardscaping solutions because the surrounding areas are graded or unlevel. Retaining walls are often needed when driveways, lawns, garden areas, patios, walkways or pathways need to be level at certain points.

Retaining walls help to eliminate soil erosion, route rainwater runoff, allow access to unlevel terrain, and more. You can think of retaining walls as a way to stair step the landscape while holding back the higher levels of soil. Integrity Landscaping Solutions can build your retaining walls with your choice in gorgeous quality natural stone or beautiful brick options and colors.

Retaining walls are not only functional, but are also often built just for the aesthetic value they lend to the landscaping, even on terrain that's mostly level. At times they are used in this manner as a low wall which is intended to keep a garden or planting area separated from the rest of the landscaped area. Retaining walls can add an incredible wow-factor to your landscape as well as supply you with the necessary functional value.

Residential Retaining Walls Design & Build

Every residential property will have unique needs, which is why you'll need a great hardscape design plan that takes everything into consideration including all your ideas and desires. Whether you want them just for the visual impact they bring to your home's exterior or need them to keep your soil from eroding when it rains, they'll always add value to your home.

If you take a look at residential homes in the Richmond area with an eye toward the homes that really stand out, most of them will have retaining walls and/or beautiful walkways and steps leading up to the home.

Richmond Residential Landscaping Company - Hardscapes and Retaining WallsThese homes stand out among others because retaining walls actually look as if they're part of the home's structure when implemented in this way at the front of the home. The homes look five times larger than they really are because the walls tend to offer illusion as to the extent of the home's length or width.

It may be hard for you to imagine what your home can look like with retaining walls designed and installed for your hardscape areas. But that's why our design team works closely with you when we're planning out your landscaping.

As Richmond's premier landscaping company, we're fully able to design and build your hardscaping including high grade retaining walls. We promise, no matter what type of retaining walls we design and install for you -the results will be simply stunning!

Types of Retaining Walls For Your Custom Home

  • Piling walls - Sheet piling or bored piling, used in soft soils or tight spaces, piles are long sinking below ground level and fixed with soil on both sides at lower section.
  • Gravity Walls - Modern, reinforced-soil walls, uses heavy weight materials to resist pressure of retained material.
  • Cantilevered Retaining Walls - Taller walls, less material used than gravity walls, steel-reinforced, concrete footings as foundations.
  • Anchored Walls - Pinned both top & bottom using cables or stays anchored in rock or soil behind it.
  • Reinforced Soil or Nailed Walls - Uses mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSE), reinforcing grids or straps to contain slope.

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