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Integrity Landscaping Solutions strives to meet and exceed the goals and expectations of our customers. We offer commercial customers in the greater Richmond area a proven, year-round lawn care maintenance program ensuring sustainability of a healthy and well-manicured landscape.



We provide weekly mowing, trimming, and edging of turf areas, as well as blowing and trash pickup of landscape areas and hard surfaces. Weekly mowing visits typically occur April through October.


Weeding of landscape beds and hard surface cracks is completed weekly during the mowing season.


Integrity Landscaping Solutions aims to keep your lawn plush, green, and weed free. To get you there, we offer a comprehensive, reliable turf program. Along with our certified and licensed technicians, our best management practices will have your thriving turf grass looking green and rich. This program includes:


  • Pre-emergent weed control with fertilizer- late winter/early spring application to prevent weed seeds from germinating​

  • Second application of pre-emergent weed control- applied 6-8 weeks after the first application to extend coverage through the summer

  • Post-emergent weed control- late spring application eradicates most broadleaf weeds, either remaining from the winter or just emerging in the spring

  • Aeration, over-seeding, and starter fertilizer- late summer/early fall is the best time to establish cool season grasses, such as Fescue. We aerate to reduce soil compaction, apply a premium blended tall fescue seed, and apply a starter fertilizer to provide needed nutrients for young grass to become established.

  • Post-emergent weed control and fertilizer- fall application to eliminate not only remaining summer weeds, but also early stage winter weeds. We apply fertilizer to provide nutrients to strengthen root systems.

  • Fall fertilizer- final fertilizer application applied in late fall to provide further nutrients your grass needs to develop a strong root system through winter.


Additional optional turf program services include soil tests, lime application, fungicide application, spot treatment of weeds, turf renovation, sod installation, and Bermuda grass treatments.


  • Spring Cleanup- This is a one-time visit each year in late winter, to complete a general cleanup of your property to remove remaining leaves, trash, weeds, and other debris

  • Mulch Installation- We use double-shredded, dyed, hardwood mulch that holds a rich color throughout the year. Mulch is installed from late winter into early spring to give your property a fresh, clean, and neat look.

  • Perennial Cutback- Timing of perennial plant cutback depends on the plant. Typically this is performed in early fall through early spring. Cutting back plants such as Liriope, roses, and ornamental grasses help to promote new, healthy, growth and proper shape.

  • Reduction & Rejuvenation Pruning- Mature plants can grow too large for the space they occupy or can thin out internally after years of pruning. Vigor and appearance can be restored using proper, selective pruning techniques. Late winter/early spring, when plants are still dormant, is a great time for hard pruning for most plants, before new growth starts in the spring.

  • Leaf Removal- Leaf removal starts as leaves begin to fall. Leaves are removed from the property or shredded onsite for a nutrient-rich layer of leaf compost. This service continues as leaves drop, and frequency of visits are catered to our customers' needs.

  • Winter Visits- During the winter, periodic visits help to maintain a clean appearance. We police for trash, debris, weeds, and blow hard surfaces.

  • Snow Removal- Snow removal services are offered to existing commercial maintenance clients. Services include not only clearing of drive lanes, lots, and sidewalks but also the application of ice melt and sand.

  • Irrigation Services- We provide irrigation services throughout the year. Irrigation startup and inspection occurs in the spring. Throughout the growing season, we can visit to check and adjust the system, and perform repairs. Irrigation winterization occurs in the fall to protect your irrigation system throughout the winter​


Proper pruning of ornamental trees, shrubs, and groundcover is done throughout the growing season to promote a flourishing, neat landscape.


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