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Integrity Landscaping's trained and creative staff offer consultation, design and installation services for our customers in the greater Richmond area.  We can create just about anything you can imagine and will work with you to create a unique outdoor environment, within your budget and time frame.  We are experts at installing plants, trees and flowers, patios, walls, steps, water features, lighting, irrigation, grading, and drainage. 



We offer installation of plants, perennials, trees, and flowers.  Our knowledgeable team will walk and talk with you about your landscape, and can develop a plan ranging from adding a few trees or plants, up to renovation of your entire landscape.  We purchase plants from the best nurseries in the area, to ensure a quality landscape. 


Retaining walls add a dimensional element to the landscape, and can be used for aesthetics or for structural purposes, depending on your property.  We can design and build walls using a variety of materials, including natural stone, brick and concrete wall block, to add space and functionality, while complementing your home and existing landscaping. 


Patios and walkways are a great way to raise your property value and enhance your outdoor living space.  We can create patios and walkways with several materials, ranging from concrete pavers to mortar set brick or natural stone.  Not only can you add functional space, patios, walkways and walls create visual interest and add beauty to your landscape.


The right irrigation system controls the water delivery to all portions of your landscape, with each area specifically set to deliver the amount of water that's right for the vegetation planted within that area. Planning, installing, and tweaking your irrigation system to perfectly perform as it should in all parts of your landscape takes skill, and our professional irrigation installers know just what's needed for any type of system you'll need for your property.


Water can be a problem, from intruding into your structure, to creating erosion issues, or low spots that do not drain properly and create havens for mosquitos.  We are skilled at solving drainage issues by grading, piping downspouts, and installing erosion control materials.  Let our experienced team help you solve your grading and drainage issues, to improve your property. 


We can install a wide variety of water features from fountains to small ponds.


Whether you are looking for simple path lighting or an entire outdoor lighting plan, we can accomplish what you're looking for.


We can install a wide variety of fireplace and pit styles in a range of finishes, from concrete wall block, to brick or natural stone.

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